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A multi-instrument and multi-technology bacteriology middleware to bring the laboratory to the forefront of technology.
Optimal integration with the existing LIS and within the laboratory, as well as the free choice of lab automation systems and instruments.
A microbiology and bacteriology middleware that complies with regulatory requirements and facilitates the accreditation procedure to
ISO 15189 standard



  A solution designed for and with microbiologists

A middleware entirely dedicated to paperless microbiology and bacteriology


accolade 40x125 TDBactiLink is a dedicated middleware intended for microbiology and bacteriology laboratories willing to make the most of technological advances and paperless organization without changing their existing laboratory information system (LIS).
Opt for the free choice of your current and future technologies and instruments as TDBactiLink offers interfaces with any instruments and LIS.


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Paperless microbiology and bacteriology
TDBactiLink middleware not only increases the laboratory efficiency, and improves its traceability and quality, but it also standardizes the methods in order to reduce the risk of errors.
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Interoperability and lab automation
Interoperability is a key factor for integration and TDBactiLink uses standard communication protocols, such as HL7, to facilitate the interface with the existing LIS, microbiology instruments and lab automation systems.
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Epidemiology and alerts
This microbiology middleware adds value to the data to issue incidence and epidemiology reports, or to track organisms marked as nosocomial infection.
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Laboratory accreditation
TDBactiLink meets the ISO 15189 standard requirements and facilitates the accreditation process for microbiology and bacteriology laboratories.
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Robustness and performance
This microbiology and bacteriology middleware offers short response times, an optimal continuity of service and regular snapshots and backups to reduce installation and maintenance costs.
Ergonomics and simplicity
This solution has been designed to reduce training times and to safely foster autonomy: an intuitive interface and an easy and contextual access to the online User help, Quality documents, the work in progress window, the analytical procedures defined in the protocol and displayed in the order they must be followed, etc...



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Press Release

TECHNIDATA participates in the microbiology lab modernization of the Grenoble Alpes University Hospital, in France: a laboratory at the forefront of technology thanks to lab automation and paperless microbiology.

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