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Epidemiology and alerts management

Tools to prevent nosocomial infections



Epidemiology at a glance
The microbiology and bacteriology middleware allows to extract multicriteria data for epidemiology and activity analysis, to issue incidence and sensitivity tests graphical representations and reports, and to manage customizable duplicate rules. The epidemiology module is linked with the paperless workbench and offers a quick access to the latter when the user needs to verify or to examine in depth a specific case.
Compatibility with disease surveillance systems
TDBactiLink middleware allows to export microbiology and bacteriology data to COSURV, WHONET and EARSS disease surveillance systems.
Epidemiology alerts
The system is able to configure epidemiology alerts in real time either by setting up configurable threshold alerts or by using user-defined criteria for an improved reactivity in the event of a suspected outbreak or nosocomial infections.



Epidemiology view by organism.
TDBactiLink epidemiology, view by organism





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