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Interoperability and lab automation

A key factor for integration into laboratories and health information systems


Standard communication protocols
Our microbiology and bacteriology middleware uses standard communication protocols such as HL7 to facilitate the connection to the existing LIS, microbiology instruments and healh information systems.
Interface with the existing LIS
TDBactiLink middleware interfaces with any LIS and manages the tests requests and samples reception as well as the analytical processes and the result transmission to the LIS after clinical and/or technical review.
Instrument interface
TDBactiLink can connect to any instrument types for more financial independence without compromising the possibilities of future evolutions: urinary cytology, blood cultures, identification, mass spectrometry and sensitivity tests instruments, as well as Microbiology Laboratory Automation systems such as BD KiestraTM and WASPLabsTM.
Lab automation
The granularity of TDBactiLink workflows allows an advanced integration with
BD KiestraTM and Copan WaspLab LabTM automation systems. Thus, TDBactiLink becomes more than just a middleware and turns into a real bacteriology automation “complement-ware”.





TDBactilink middleware, integration within the microbiology laboratory




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TECHNIDATA participates in the microbiology lab modernization of the Grenoble Alpes University Hospital, in France: a laboratory at the forefront of technology thanks to lab automation and paperless microbiology.

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