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A microbiology and bacteriology middleware that complies with regulatory requirements.



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TDBactiLink manages analytical protocols according to the sample type. Each protocol is configurable and accommodates the laboratory practices to provide the technician with some guidance. The protocols dictionary is a real tool to manage practices and knowledge as it brings the necessary rigor to perform microbiology tests.
Full traceability
Each step of the process is recorded (user, date and time of the performed action, instruments involved), to provide the laboratory with a chronological and full traceability of all the actions performed on a test request. TDBactiLink also saves the important steps of the workflow such as successive technical and clinical reviews as well as phoned results.
TDBactiLink middleware uses email or text messages alerts mechanisms for critical or highly contagious/pathogenic results. It is possible to monitor and track the cases that represent the hygiene quality of a specific department or of all the sites by using threshold alerts in order to anticipate corrective and preventive actions associated with the struggle against nosocomial infections.


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TECHNIDATA participates in the microbiology lab modernization of the Grenoble Alpes University Hospital, in France: a laboratory at the forefront of technology thanks to lab automation and paperless microbiology.

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